Top World of Warcraft eBooks

iCAl Icon If you didn't no eBooks are small (or in rare cases) files that a digital books. These usually read with Adobe pdf, are books that can offer a wealth of information for the read. Currently there a hundreds of thousands of eBooks out on the web. With so much being offered how do you no which are good quality books that you should put your money down on. This list will comprise of the best World of Warcraft eBooks that are available to buy.
World of Warcraft Logo1) World Of Warcraft Joanas 1-70 Horde Guide.

Probably one of the best selling eBooks for World of Warcraft out there and with out good reason. It has so much detail for any one who has been playing WOW as a horde character. It has information that can help you find out how to make your gold, places for the top quests. Including all the new stuff for Burning Crusade. This person is good and if any one has seen her speed run it is amazing.

If you are interested in buying this eBook check out the product page here.

2) World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

Gold, gold and more gold that shiny gold coloured stuff that only a couple people have any every one else wants. What you need is a Gold making guide. If you need that extra bit of way to make some more gold so you can buy that legionary mount then you need this eBook.
Effective for any level of player this book is priced at $37 which is bargain for the amount of gold you can make. You can buy it here.

3) World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

It has ultimate in its name so it must be good, and it is. It offers more of an insight for leveling of Horde and Alliance characters in the 60 - 70 lvl range. It offers an amazing amount of tips and tricks to help any player out. You can get it here.

4) Derek's World of Warcaft Gold Mastery Guide

As well as the gold guide mentioned above this guide is also amazing for helping you getting the best at making gold. For example it gives you detailed information into the top 3 professions, which aren't what you think. Detailed pictures of the areas to farm, as well as farming techniques and tips to stop you falling at making gold. Some gold sellers don't like the contents of these eBooks.
You can download it from the sellers product page here.

5) World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide

This eBook, as with many others, offers the best and latest tips to get the best out of your character. This book offers the ability to give inside tips that are relevant and useful. None of this rubbish that some eBooks offer on the web. For example this eBook gives you information relating to which quests you should take, how you can improve your reputation in game and what to get out it. How to chose effective groups to easily conquer raids. How to get the most out of death. Making the most out of dungeons and mounts. Plus many more tips to help you on your way for both beginners and intermediate players alike.

You can get this eBook here.

6) World of Warcraft Domination

The final and the cheapest (but not the worst) eBook in this summary. Priced at $19.95 it offers some great tips for people on a budget. Again like the rest of the eBooks it has some great tips and is well laid out.

Get it here.

Valkor's Gold Making Guide

iCal IconTheres one word the explains this eBook and its WOW. Apart from being a guide that is fantastic to read it has so many tips that are so useful for creating a lot of gold in game.

Valkor's Gold Making Guide

For example this ebook has so many tips.

  • This guide is extremely-well organized with pictures and tons of detailed information.
  • Learn how to effectively buy all of your items cheap and sell high just minutes later.
  • Over 1,700 items, quests, locations, and vendors are linked toValkor's Gold Making Guide thottbot and allakhazam for quick and easy references to get additional information on any topic.
  • Learn how to make TONS of gold with your profession whether it's Gathering, Production, or Secondary. This guide covers it ALL!.
  • I show you exactly where to go to find the hottest selling items with the largest profit margin.
  • Contains dozens of Gold Making Strategies and Tips that you can use at all times, no matter where you are!
  • Everything is revealed to you in this guide! No secrets or strategies are held back.
  • Comprehensive list of items that each class/profession needs to level up or complete a quest. These sell for TONS of Gold!
  • See which items you can purchase for silver and turn around to sell for gold all the time. This will amaze you at what you can make from items you thought were vendor trash.
  • Contains the very BEST gold making spots you never knew about. See which spots can make you over 200 Gold per hour!!
  • Works for Horde and Alliance. Also works for any Race and Class.
  • Learn how to make money while not even playing.
  • Whether it's the Auction House or general trading, I will show you how to dominate the market.
  • I'll show you the best spots to get the hardest cards to obtain for the different decks. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much money you will make.
  • I'll show you which items are always popular no matter how flooded the market is...Don't get stuck with an expensive item that no one wants.
  • Find out which items are most popular on your server.
  • Learn easy tips to get your auction items purchased in less than 15 minutes.
  • I'll show you all of the mods that I use to make gold fast!
  • Hands down...the best places to farm for the hard to find designs, recipes, formulas, and other rare items. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get the most popular items that aren't sold by vendors.
  • Contains a Low Level Gold Making Strategies section dedicated to players that are level 30 or less.
  • See which reputation items you can make a ton of cash on and where to get them.
  • This guide is LOADED with Burning Crusade tips that will show you exactly how to make TONS of Gold!
  • Learn the secrets to getting all the Motes and Primals you could ever want.
Clearly this guide is the one for anyone in need for some cash for that epic mount that they have been looking at. Priced at $37 this i s great steal. You can find the product page here.

Edit: You can find an update to this guide here.

World of Warcraft Domination

iCal IconDo you want to dominate in World of Warcraft. I thought you might, then this eBook is for you. Entitled Warcraft Domination, its offers all the tips for World of Warcraft.
Priced at $19.95 it offers plenty for its money. For example:

  • Four simple changes you can make in under 3 minutes to speed up your game play.
  • How to get twice as much XP and cut your play time in half.
  • How to avoid choosing the wrong weapon for your class.Warcraft Domination
  • How to choose the right quests for fast leveling.
  • Which Classes are best for Power Leveling.
  • The most underestimated profession, this one may well surprise you.
  • How to maximise your Auction profits and make sure you're items out sell others.
  • The best spot in the game for low level Farming.
  • A simple and underused technique for turning some basic raw materials from the Auction House in to 2-300% profits in just a few minutes work.
  • The absolute best spots for grinding through those level at light speed so you can stun your friends with your power leveling prowess!
This guide is a must. I've looked over it and found it so useful. This is one of the best for World of Warcraft guides. You can buy it here.

How To Make Your Own World Of Warcraft Business


Many people use World of Warcraft. Almost one in a thousand. But with all those potential customers you could make alot of money out of it. This product I am reviewing is about creating your own business for WOW.

How To Make Your Own World Of Warcraft Business

This eBook as the title may imply is all about how to sell a World of Warcraft guide on the internet. One is already supplied but I suggest you write on your self.
When you buy the product you get Thinecron's Gold Guide a book which you get:

  • 6 professionally designed sales pages that you can use to sell this guide on eBay or on the Web.
  • 10 custom made Gallery images that you can use to attract eBay visitors to your WoW auction.
  • A step by step guide that will show you how to set up and sell this guide on eBay and on the Web for maximum profitability.
  • Thinecron's Gold Guide Resale License.
This is a great starter which you can use to get your profits starting.
The guide will show you a step by step how to use all of the tools included in this package to set up your online business. Even if you have no experience, this guide will show you exactly what you need to do to starting bring in those WoW business paycheques.

So if you are interested in trying your hand at business for World of Warcraft you can visit the product page and download it here. For $29.95 its a bargain.

Elite WoW 1-70 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide for World Of Warcraft

iCal iconHey

I've recently found a cool ebook on the web, which a great all rounder for anyone playing World of Warcraft.

Elite WoW 1-70 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide for World Of Warcraft

This book is great for anyone needing a little bit of help in game. For example it offers lots of information of every class in WOW, giving every one the chance to be the best.

As well as this it also offers:Elite WoW 1-70 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide for World Of Warcraft

  • The official Elite WoW Exploits Guide
  • 11 Keys For Farming Mini Guide
  • 1K WoW Gold An Hour Guide
  • 600G Easy at Level 60 Rogue Guide
  • Mining Profession Guide
Another feature of this is the 60-70 level guide that is also included. The guide is divided into three sections, the Alliance 60-70 leveling guide, the horde 60-70 leveling guide, and a bonus gold making guide. The guide is 73 pages in total. All three sections of the guide are written in a clear, step by step manner, with precise instructions on where to and what quests to complete. Each and every single quest written in the guide is backed by a web link, which will take you to an external website, so you can access more information on how to complete the quest. The guide contains relevant screen shots in between the text to help you should you get stuck along the way.

So if you want to pick up a bargain for only $29 dollars, use this link here, which will take you to the product page, with buy links at the bottom.

Bunny Hop Guide - Counter Strike Source

iCal iconMoving on from World of Warcraft, this eBook is a little different. This eBook is about mastering how to bunny hope in Counter Strike Source.

World of Pwnage Bunny Hop Guide

You may or may not no that Bunny Hoping can be done in CSS, it involves learning a specific technique that can take a while to master but once done can be a real useful tool during a fight.
Counter Stike Source Bunny Hop Guide
For example this short eBook gives you the tools necessary to learn how to bunny hop with out the need for scripts, tools or other hacks.

The ebook book contains information about, how to learn the technique, including a video. As well as learning how to dodge bullets and become a top rusher.

To be able to get hold of this gold mine off information you can find it out here. The eBook costs, $26, which for the weath of information it contains, is great to any one playing Counter Strike.

World of Warcraft Gamers Guide

iCal IconOver the past couple of days I have been reviewing for you different eBook guides for World of Warcraft so you can play better and harder and be the ultimate twink in the game.

This is the final eBook guide from this section.

World of Warcraft Ultimate Gamers Guide
World Of Warcraft Gamers Guide
This eBook, as with many others, offers the best and latest tips to get the best out of your character. This book offers the ability to give inside tips that are relevant and useful. None of this rubbish that some eBooks offer on the web. For example this eBook gives you information relating to which quests you should take, how you can improve your reputation in game and what to get out it. How to chose effective groups to easily conquer raids. How to get the most out of death. Making the most out of dungeons and mounts. Plus many more tips to help you on your way for both beginners and intermediate players alike.

Having looked through this guide I can say that I really enjoyed it as it was well written and produced. For a price of $27.77 it is the cheapest of the ones I have been reviewing.

If you were fancing buying an eBook then this one should be for you. Its suitable for all and a great price. You can find a dealer of this book here.

Derek's World of Warcarft Gold Mastery Guide

iCal iconOne thing that you cannot live with out is money and this goes into the virtual world too. Lack of gold in MMORPG are a common place. If you look at the internet many adverts are trying to sell you gold that you need. But there are eb=Books out there that offer a lot of help with going from rags to riches.

Derek's World of Warcaft Gold Mastery Guide

One of my friends who was all ways poor on WOW, bought this guide and he turned his account around in no time. It helps him out so much. For example this eBook contains information that:

ddDetailed Strategies on Farming Gold for each character, each class, and each level! No strategies held back!

ddShows you the TOP 3 professions to make gold with. (They aren't what you think!) World of warcraft gold making guide

ddStrategies for the auction house that go BEYOND the cookie-cutter ideas of relying just on auctioneer.

ddFarming spots for all the rare items that players pay so much for. They think they are hard to find! But they will be easy once you get your hands on this guide!

dd Item List's with HOT selling items, and where to find them.

ddThe exact tools I use for farming gold, and where to get them at!

dd Myth's about Making Gold debunked and explained.

ddDetailed Pictures, and screen shots to display exactly how and what to do while your in-game using my strategies!

ddLearning how to make gold without even being logged in!

dd Why a majority of players fail at farming gold. Find out why they are using failing methods and learn how to avoid the mistakes they are making to profit MORE gold.

ddPlus a HOT Gold collecting topic, ONLY revealed inside the eBook and not any where else on the web.

As well as this it so well written that it isn't hard to follow. By putting in the patients, tips and tricks that this guide offer you can now afford to:
  • Twink out characters!!
  • Buy your epic mount!!
  • Max out your Trade skills!!
  • Fund PvP Characters !!
  • Reputation gain: Gold for buying reputation items!!
  • EPIC ITEMS! You can buy all of the epic items that are so hard to find
  • much much more!!
For $47 this eBook is a lot cheaper that you would have to pay for buying Gold of the internet and that could even get your account banned as blizzard is watching all gold transactions.

So make it yourself with an easy to do guide. Click here if you want to purchase this guide and become a rich warrior of the World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

iCal IconContinuing on with the theme of World of Warcraft eBooks, I have reviewed a general eBook that focuses on both sides of the world of Warcraft Universe, with a special focus on gold.

World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

This guide is slightly difference to the previous guide as it offers more of an insight to power leveling for both the Horde and Alliance. For example it has a level 60 - 70 Alliance and Horde questing guide. As well as more features including :

  • Free Updates - understands that WoW is always evolving with every content patch, which is why we offer free updates to all our members.
  • Class Guide: Huge 2.0.10 Talent builds for the best PVP, PVE, or balanced build.Ultimate World of Warcraft Gold Guide
  • Class Loot List - How to find the best gear for your class and build, a loot list for every type of build.
  • v2.0 Macro Guide - Create useful macro for every class, updated for the latest patch!
  • LeveL 40 Gold Guide - Learn the fastest way possible to earn enough gold for your first mount solo.
  • Level 70 Gold Guide - Earn up to 150g/hour
  • Level 70 Key Attunement Guide - Complete instructions to access all level 70 dungeons and raid encounters.
  • Ultimate Gold Guide - Best strategies to maximise your gold per hour earning.
  • Complete Working Exploit List: Exploits by using in-game bugs will not get your account banned but using third party programs will.
Although I don't 100% approve of exploits they are useful to do every now and then to gain an advantage of the enemy.

If you want to view the product page of this eBook you can find it here. Priced at $37 its not a bad offer.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide

iCal IconYou may remember that the last post was about power leveling your horde character, which is a great eBook to own if you ever need some help in leveling you character.

This guide is a little different and uses no illegal techniques.

World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

This guide, like many others, offers the ability to tell you how to make lots of Gold in WOW. This may seem like a rip off, but the techniques used are perfectly valid and if used correctly and efficiently can make you a lot of gold for that legendary mount you have been looking for.

The main contents of this book, as you might expect, is about earning gold through grinding. But it goes into detail on how to do this effectively an easily. As well as this there is also a lot of detail for the auction house, which you can use to sell your products on the way.

Included is and auto updater so you can get the latest news, as well as it being applicable for the latest expansion pack for the Burning Crusade.

If you want to buy this guide for only $37 please click here.

You can't go wrong.

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World of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide
iCal Icon OrangeHey

I spend a lot of time on the internet and computer games in general. One of the best games out there is World of Warcraft. As a keen player of the horde, this eBook seemed the best place to start on my blog.

World of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide

This guide, as the title may imply, is about leveling your Horde character to the level 70 as quick as possible, and it offers some great tips. The blurb in the book says you can do it in 20 hours, which although realistic a little more time could be spent. Unless you are a hardcore gamer.

The eBook entails showing you the Outland Guide with demos, reference guides to all Horde races, including the Blood Elves.

Its a must buy if you need those quick tips at improving while playing Horde of a WOW server.

For only $37 you can't go wrong. If you would like to purchase this eBook you can check it out here.

Update: You can find an update to this review here.


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