Amazing Professions Guide For World of Warcraft


I have come across a newly released guide called Gregor's Amazing Professions Guide and it is for World of Warcraft and is designed to help you in your professions and getting to the top. From the release copy it looks good and it will definitely help anyone who is leveling there profession.

In an overview it includes:

  • All 13 Professions and Lockpicking!
  • Complete Recipe Lists from 1 - 375!
  • Detailed Farming Maps, know where to search for your mats!
  • Complete Shopping Lists, know what you need when you start!
  • Complete Trainer Lists, trainer locations!
  • 246 pages of Real Content!
  • Works for both Factions (Horde & Alliance)!
  • No Cheats! No Hacks! 100% Legal!
  • Updated for WoW Patch 2.3!
There is a lot of detail and content included in the pages for example it also includes detailed farming maps, complete trainer, recipe and shopping lists! It also shows you the best places, spots and paths on where and how to farm your mats! Look down for an example of such a map.

This is a great guide for anyone wanting to level. It costs $27 which is a bargin. Check it out here. One amazing ebook.