Amazing Professions Guide For World of Warcraft


I have come across a newly released guide called Gregor's Amazing Professions Guide and it is for World of Warcraft and is designed to help you in your professions and getting to the top. From the release copy it looks good and it will definitely help anyone who is leveling there profession.

In an overview it includes:

  • All 13 Professions and Lockpicking!
  • Complete Recipe Lists from 1 - 375!
  • Detailed Farming Maps, know where to search for your mats!
  • Complete Shopping Lists, know what you need when you start!
  • Complete Trainer Lists, trainer locations!
  • 246 pages of Real Content!
  • Works for both Factions (Horde & Alliance)!
  • No Cheats! No Hacks! 100% Legal!
  • Updated for WoW Patch 2.3!
There is a lot of detail and content included in the pages for example it also includes detailed farming maps, complete trainer, recipe and shopping lists! It also shows you the best places, spots and paths on where and how to farm your mats! Look down for an example of such a map.

This is a great guide for anyone wanting to level. It costs $27 which is a bargin. Check it out here. One amazing ebook.

Becoming A Super Affiliate (eBook)


I've found some time and as a result I have reviewed another ebook. This one is titled Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate and it is all about becoming a great affiliate and earning the big bucks.

The book begins by telling you how you can become an affiliate it offers tips, tricks hints and tips for earning the big money. Of course this money isn't instantaneous but it does off tips on how to eventually earn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing if you don't no is the practice of promoting a product through the internet and then gaining a slice of the sale value. It is really easy to do. As a result this book gives you the tips and tricks needed to make the sales start to roll in.

For example take a look at the image below, that guy is earning hundreds of dollars a day. I wish I was earning that much. You can do this as well. This book has lots of chapters taking all about how to make this much money. From the review copy it is really worth its stuff. It does into detail on how you can build links, get visitors and promote the best products. This is great for any one.

If you want to earn the big bucks, check out the great ebook over at Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate . Don't delat download to day, its instantaneous and only priced at $29.95.

Slow News - Valkor Has Been Updated.

Hey There

Life on the eBook review stage has been slow. I currently have no time to do any research or writing into reviews and as a result I haven't been able to make any posts. This has been a big problem for me. I like writing and reviewing products, but due to lack of time this hasn't been happening.

One consolation though. Valkors update has been done and has the following changes:

- Removed old strategies that no longer work with the 2.3 patch.
- Added several new items to the Gold Making Strategies section.
- Added new topics to the Low Level Gold Making section.
- Updated some of the strategies for Profession Gold Making.
- Updated a lot of the older sections in the guide.
- And Much More...

Valkor's guide is definitely one of the best ebooks out there. I suggest you check out the product page for more information.

Digital Photography Success


At the moment digital cameras are becoming more and more popular, and people are taking more and more pictures. But are you taking good pictures with your camera and can you improve? Digital Photography Success gives you all of the information need to help you get the best out of your camera. It is great.

What is this ebook about?

This ebook is all about getting the most out of your camera. It gives you hundreds of techniques into how to use your camera, how to get the most out of it, and taking brilliant shots. For example there is information on:

  • How to get the perfect composition in every photo you take; from people to landscapes to close-ups of kitchen utensils.
  • How to take night shots that are sharp, crystal clear and vivid, using the correct exposures just like any professional would.
  • and much much more.
This guide really is amazing. It offers all of the information in a very easy to read format. For example if you go the the product page and scroll half way down you can get some free samples. Just take a look at this one page. There are 6 ebook in total all of them full to the rafters with information.

It is really good. I enjoyed reading it. Don't be but off by the poor quality of the sales page (as poor sales page = poor product). This is one of the greatest book I have found. Click here to go to the product page to find out more.

Penn's World of Warcraft Alliance eBook.


Sorry for the lack of updates. Here is the first of the new weekly format.

This is going to be a simple review of the new Penn's Alliance guide. You can find the product here if you want to take a look at it.

Basically this guide boils down to getting the best out of World of Warcraft as an Alliance character. For the $30 you pay, you get:

  • Penn's 1-70 Leveling Guide which includes my OUTLAND GUIDE!!
  • Optimized quest paths, don’t waste time trying to figure out where to go next or what to do.
  • When to travel and change zones, when to make a new zone your home, everything you need to know to minimize travel time which can be VERY time consuming.
  • Detailed descriptions on how to complete the more complicated quests and quest lines.
  • Many quests are not started in the zones you do them in, I tie in many of the multi-zone quests to maximize your experience per hour and reduce play time.
  • Links to both THOTBOTT and WOWHEAD for all the quests, these are great reference sites if you need more information.
  • ABSOLUTELY FREE UPDATES!! As I make changes to the guide, you will have instant access to all of those improvements!
If you want a screen shot then take a look at the one below.

If you think this guide is for you. It uber cheap. Get it here.

More Updates Coming

Hey updates seem few and far between on this blog. Not for much longer. Coming every week mostly on Sundays will be a specific eBook review. I'm making time.

Stay tuned for the first update next week.

Affiliate & Marketing Course

Hey There

Its been a long time since i've found a really good eBook, the last one was Derek's Gold Guide, but there is a new eBook that has joined the ranks and it is well worth the money I paid for it. This eBook and accompanying videos is called the "Affiliate and Marketing Course" and it, as you may have guessed from the title, an ebook all about affiliating and promoting products online. These book is designed to give you the best tips tricks ands information about selling products and earning money online. As a bonus it also has a lot of videos to help you along the ways. If you are ready I will give you the low down on what is included. Here is a short promotional video to get you warmed up.

Project Wealthy

The main content of this package is called Project Wealthy. It is designed to offer you all the information you need to help you become wealthy. This is given to the overall name of the package and it certainly earns it. There is a lot of pages to help you submerse yourself and become a internet millionaire.

Deregulated Tactics

The second book in the package (there are loads of these books) and it offers dedicated tactics to help you become as rich and as wealthy as the major companies. For example it offers a lot of information about being intelligent in the market place, collecting data and using this data to monetize it. How to position your self in the market for big payouts, and how to market all angles of your niche or product. Finally how to open your eyes into how buying and selling on the internet works.

Affiliate Marketing

My personal favourite way for vendors and sellers to help them make money. This part of the series helps you hone your skills and learn parts of the affiliate marketing trade into earning money. For example it offers the basic skills (we all need to start somewhere), power house scenarios for making the big bucks. The affiliate networks to join. The math needed to double or triple your income and how to make a lot of money of commission and not screw yourself over in the process. Finally the vendors to avoid which will probably reduce your monthly income.

As a free bonus offer you can download a free part of this eBook here. Its a great insight into what the product you should be buying looks like.

Designing and Hosting

You have your own cool product but you now need to design a site to go with it. This part of the pack contains information about hosting and design your site, colour and design of your site. Balance of how your site should look and how to get a great .com domain. This part of the package is great if you have small troubles in website design or how to convert visitors.

Breaking Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most popular ways to find, sell and promote products. This ebook within the fantastic pack, offers tips and tricks into learning how to use this tool the most effectively. I've found this incredible useful. As well as this, there is information about picking a good product, analysis of customers and how to maximize this as well as many more tips. Use it well, and it can definitely help you make money.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are incredibly useful to help sell any product you are trying to promote. Like all of the ebooks it has a lot of information which you can use. For example it has tips, tricks and tutorials into why you need a landing page as well as many other tips into why you need, and how to use a landing page effectively.

Sales Letters

Sales letters are very useful to any one who wants to help promote and convert there products. For example this section includes a lot of information into how to create a sales letter that works. How to attract visitors, present offers, improve click through and sales, as well as a lot more information to list.

Still with me with this great product there is still a lot more included.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Optimization is a very closely guarded secret into how to do it succesfully. This section of the eBook offers you a lot of information into this secret. For example there is detailed information into how Search Engines work, so you can have a benefit when they crawl your site. As well as this there is information about optimization of keywords and metatags and a whole load of other information to help you top search engine rankings.

Blog and Article Success

Another serious point to help you sell you product and that is blog and article marketing. It gives a lot of detail in how to write proper articles, how to formulate good articles and other ways to formate blog and article success.

Adwords and PPC Success

One of the best ways to profit, using Adwords and any other article marketing. This ebook offers a lot of information into making this technique work for you. For example do you know how to write good adverts? Optimize adverts to the fullest degree? Schedule adverts for the best CTR or conversions? All these questions are answered in this section of the package.

At this point it is already an amazing package there is a lot of information to help you advertise, sell, promote and affiliate products on the internet. But there is more, a lot more which you can use to earn hundreds of dollars a day through this package.

Offline Advertising

Whats the point in living your life online when there is real life to contend with. For instance there is a lot of ways offline you can use to promote your product and again earn mega bucks. You can of course use radio, TV and print to help you get your website or product out but do you know the best way to do this? This part of the eBook package is tailored into helping you get the best out of real life.

Video Marketing

People like videos, I spend a lot of time on Youtube, and i think it is the best in the world. But do you know how you can use this to your advantage. This section involves telling you how to get the most out of your videos. How to make videos, with watermarks, viral marketing and audio to become an effective way of promoting your site. Videos are a powerful tool to use. This ebook can definitely help you control and use this power for your benefit.

Launching Products

You have your product ready, you have made videos, adverts and being outside to promote your product buy do you know how to launch your product for maximum effect?
This final product gives you the insight into making your product hot, preparing affiliates, up-selling your product and making it a winner and reducing refunds.


There is all this information at just a couple of clicks away, but are you still not tempted to lay down your cash. There is a lot more free stuff you can have for free for you to use.

Niche Header Package

This niche header package valued at $1400 offers a weath of .PSD and .MRR files for you to use in your website. For example there is correctly layered and sized files for you to use directly out of the packet. These are high quality for you to use. As well as this they also cover a large area of different markets so there is bound to be one that fits your product or possible site.

Stock Photos

I love stock photos. Some people are amazing at taking pictures and I just love to look at them all day. Anyway included with this package is $197 value of royalty free stock images. You can use them for any application for absolutely nothing.


The videos in this package are absolutely awesome. You get two videos and over 45 minutes of audio for you to listen and watch. These are about helping you promote and market your product. They are a great tool and are perfect for any one wanting that little extra help.

This product is definitely worth buying and is one of the best on the market. If you want experience and help in selling, affiliating and promoting products online then you should head on over to the product page. The buy links are located at the bottom of the page and you can purchase via Credit Card, Online Check or with PayPal. Although you wont be earning over night thousands of dollars over time with the help of this eBook you can be a big earner. You can do it, you just need to try. Click here to go to the purchase page. It only costs $57 and this price can go up at anytime.