Killer Covers- Cover That eBook


Over the last, how ever long its been, i've been reviewing ebooks and showing you guides about a lot of different things. But one things has always been missing. That is the cover. KillerCovers meets this need.

Covers give the sense to any buy that there eBook is a bit like a book and this product enables you give a product to your eBook. Its really simple and can start to sell you eBook in no time. It offers many advantages. For example most people are grabbed to an image. Giving your product a sense of identity with a cover it can help sell nay eBook you create.

As well as this the program also eBox covers for if you are selling products that would come in boxes or if not necessarily a book. So this product can cover all areas. For example if you not in a box or ebook there is an option to create an eZine magazine for your product.

So if you think this product is for you you can get it for $117 with a free money back guarantee so get it no before time runs out and you lose out. Click here yo find out more.

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