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Are you tried of trying to find realy cool and interesting questions to ask at parties, pub quizzes and the like? Then you need this really awesome product to give all the questions for you.
What you need is the Pub Quiz Question pack. Priced at only $7 it offers 1,500 really well researched and interesting questions which you can use in all sorts of quizzes. For example:

What was seventy metres long, containing 626 people, 202 horses and 55 dogs?
(The Bayeux Tapestry)

What can a tiger and a puma do, that a cheetah cannot?
(Retract it's claws)

This eBook has questions on Geography, Sport, History, Music, TV, Cinema, Science, Animals, Language, Arts, General Knowledge, Food & Drink, Maritime, Aviation, Mythology and Literature.
So there is plenty so topics which you can ask you quiz players on.


The simple reason you should by this product is that these are quality questions which have been researched by one of the top quiz masters in Germany. There is no need for you to find the time in looking on the internet, or in books to find quality questions that are correct.

As well as this you also get a couple of bonus quizzes on Countries, Painters and Statues. Which are free as part of the product. These are delivered online in a variety of formats including: Word, PDF and any other format that you ask for upon purchase.

So if you can't spare a couple of dollars for some really cool questions then shame on you. It works out at only 0.4c a question. You would spend more money trying to find these questions yourself.

Buy Now!!

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Anonymous said...

I have already bought this quiz pack a week ago, then happened to stumble on your review. Your review is good and the product is great too. For $7.00 you can't get better value than that (as you rightly say, 0.4c per question - great!).

I got a great service from these guys: I had ordered the product, which comes in PDF, Word, html and text formats, but I wanted the Word 95 format version, instead of Word 2000/2003. I sent them a mail and in three hours I had the real-deal, what I asked for.