World of Warcraft Alliance Guide (Brian Kopp's Guide)


You may remember ages ago that I brought you a review on Joana's 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft you can find the review here. Well I have found another excellent guide. But this time is for leveling you Alliance character. Weather it be Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Draenei this guide will tell you how to level all the way from 1 to 70.

The basic layout of the book is similar to any World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft Alliance Guide (Brian Kopp's Guide) eBook guide. You can find previous ones on the right hand side. But it is really well written and gives some really good tips. For example in the 120 pages it gives a route telling you which quests to do, including when to accept and turn in quests. This eBook doesn't tell you how to grind or farm your levels it tells you how to get the best experience while questing.

All the tips tricks and other bits and bobs in this book are 100% legal, there are no hacks, cheats etc that will get you banned after 5 minutes of playing. Nothing is more annoying. As well as this a Map Mod is included in every download that gives detail map references to all the best items and quest points. This Mod is also available to use Mac users.

So if your bored of being a low level character then I suggest you by this ebook. Priced at $35 dollars its a give away. Don't both downloading the free trial get stuck right in and start leveling. The tips inside help for leveling at any speed.

If you can't wait to buy it click here to go to the product page. The buy now links are at the bottom of the page. Have fun and enjoy your time playing World of Warcraft.

P.s As one last tip you also get an account for all the free updates that he offers.

World of Warcraft Alliance Guide (Brian Kopp's Guide)
World of Warcraft Alliance Guide (Brian Kopp's Guide)

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