Alliance Power Leveling Program Levels 1 - 70 (iDemise)

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I've found a new eBook on the web from a relatively new publisher. Written for the Alliance Side in World of Warcraft this book is great in teaching you how to level from 1 - 70 in the shortest time possible. There record was in 6 days. Entitled Team iDemise 1 -70 Alliance Leveling Guide. It does just that.

Written from a crack (not in cheat or hack) team of professional gamers this book is filled full of experienced tips for any one to master. This basic guide is designed to give you the best possible route to reach level 70. Doing this through quest (since quests are fun) it is a really cool and fun experience to read.
Most of the tips are defiantly worth learning as they all do come in useful. From the product page they offered this overview :

  • Complete walk-through of each beginner zone- choose any race you want!
  • Learn the exact routes taken by the pros so you can reach level 70 in days!
  • You can pick up the guide with an existing character
  • Secret tips for preparing to quest that will save you TONS of time
  • Walk-throughs of all quests to do in 10-level increments
  • When to buy items needed for quests to save you time later
  • Complete 60-70 guide to questing in the Outlands!!
  • Lifetime membership so you will always have access to all the latest updates made to the guide
And it definitely delivers, there is no fuss or bothering with fiddling with small and pointless tasks, it goes after the bigger points in the game that will help you level fast.
As well as this you will also become a member of the iDemise website, entitling you to free updates. As well as this you also get a free guide to Azeroth, which gives you directions to Auberdine, Azuremyst Isle and more.

Granted this book isn't 100% perfect, they could have included more pictures (I love loads of pictures, I learn visually not by reading text). But it does come up to scratch and is definatly on par with some of the bigger eBook such as Brain Kopp's 1 - 70 Alliance Guide.

So if you fancy laying down only $35 which is a real bargin for the stuff you can get out of it. You can visit the product page here. The buy it now button is at the bottom of the page.

Update: I have written an update about this cool eBook, you can find it here.

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