Update: iDemise Map Mod of World of Warcraft


I've got a quick update for you. You may remember that quiet a while ago I reviewed iDemise 1 - 70 Alliance Guide, well I have a quick update.

The team have been working very hard on a cool new map mod for in game. And image of which is below. From my understanding this is going to be used so you can have way points wihtin your map which show you where each quest, mining spot, horde is located. Saving you time and effort trying to find them. The idea of this is that you can quickly find what you want and don't have to hunt around.
This isn't currently out at the moment be is soon to be released and is free to any member who buys the complementing eBook.

iDemise Map Mod
Currently priced at $35 the amount of stuff you get is unreal for the price you are paying. Get it now before the prices go up.

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