Sterling World of Warcraft Gold Guide


There are many guides on the internet that offer tips and tricks for making Gold in World of Warcraft. Most are just fluff and have no real value. But there are some out there that are good quality and are defiantly worth buying if you need a helping hand. This eBook is on of those that should make the short list. Entitled Sterling Epic World of Warcraft Gold Guide it is packed full of tips and tricks to help you out.

Looking at the contents there is plenty of different things to help you out. Each page is packed full tips that are defiantly worth learning while moving around the world. Check out some of the images below to a sample of the contents.

Sterling World of Warcraft Gold GuideClick the image for the full details. Parts have been blurred out to protect the uber cool secrets of the book.

What Really Is This Guide About?

This guide is basically about telling you in a simple way how to make as much as Gold as possible in the most efficient of manners. For example it has in depth walk through as shown in the image above. These are detailed and don't skimp. Full colour pictures. No one likes the use of small grainy images found in normal books. The advantage of a digital download is that there can be high quality images to use. Which places to level to get the best amount of gold. No point in farming in low yield areas. How to use the auction house and the server economy.

This guide is 100% real, it doesn't use hacks mods, or any other type of unscrupulous software to gain an advantage. Pure 100% great tips. At this point I was going to say "fool proof" but nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently talented fool, but you get my drift, its a good eBook.

So don't bother buying gold which can get your account banned, buy this guide, do it yourself and make a mint to buy that legendary mount you have been looking at. Priced at only $29.99 you could make thousands in no time at all. At time of writing that could get you 1000 gold from doggy sellers which might not sound bad, BUT you could be making that every hour with this ebook.

If you want to purchase the eBook visit the product page here. The order button is at the bottom of the screen. Have fun.

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