Bunny Hop Guide - Counter Strike Source

iCal iconMoving on from World of Warcraft, this eBook is a little different. This eBook is about mastering how to bunny hope in Counter Strike Source.

World of Pwnage Bunny Hop Guide

You may or may not no that Bunny Hoping can be done in CSS, it involves learning a specific technique that can take a while to master but once done can be a real useful tool during a fight.
Counter Stike Source Bunny Hop Guide
For example this short eBook gives you the tools necessary to learn how to bunny hop with out the need for scripts, tools or other hacks.

The ebook book contains information about, how to learn the technique, including a video. As well as learning how to dodge bullets and become a top rusher.

To be able to get hold of this gold mine off information you can find it out here. The eBook costs, $26, which for the weath of information it contains, is great to any one playing Counter Strike.

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