Top World of Warcraft eBooks

iCAl Icon If you didn't no eBooks are small (or in rare cases) files that a digital books. These usually read with Adobe pdf, are books that can offer a wealth of information for the read. Currently there a hundreds of thousands of eBooks out on the web. With so much being offered how do you no which are good quality books that you should put your money down on. This list will comprise of the best World of Warcraft eBooks that are available to buy.
World of Warcraft Logo1) World Of Warcraft Joanas 1-70 Horde Guide.

Probably one of the best selling eBooks for World of Warcraft out there and with out good reason. It has so much detail for any one who has been playing WOW as a horde character. It has information that can help you find out how to make your gold, places for the top quests. Including all the new stuff for Burning Crusade. This person is good and if any one has seen her speed run it is amazing.

If you are interested in buying this eBook check out the product page here.

2) World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

Gold, gold and more gold that shiny gold coloured stuff that only a couple people have any every one else wants. What you need is a Gold making guide. If you need that extra bit of way to make some more gold so you can buy that legionary mount then you need this eBook.
Effective for any level of player this book is priced at $37 which is bargain for the amount of gold you can make. You can buy it here.

3) World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

It has ultimate in its name so it must be good, and it is. It offers more of an insight for leveling of Horde and Alliance characters in the 60 - 70 lvl range. It offers an amazing amount of tips and tricks to help any player out. You can get it here.

4) Derek's World of Warcaft Gold Mastery Guide

As well as the gold guide mentioned above this guide is also amazing for helping you getting the best at making gold. For example it gives you detailed information into the top 3 professions, which aren't what you think. Detailed pictures of the areas to farm, as well as farming techniques and tips to stop you falling at making gold. Some gold sellers don't like the contents of these eBooks.
You can download it from the sellers product page here.

5) World of Warcraft Ultimate Guide

This eBook, as with many others, offers the best and latest tips to get the best out of your character. This book offers the ability to give inside tips that are relevant and useful. None of this rubbish that some eBooks offer on the web. For example this eBook gives you information relating to which quests you should take, how you can improve your reputation in game and what to get out it. How to chose effective groups to easily conquer raids. How to get the most out of death. Making the most out of dungeons and mounts. Plus many more tips to help you on your way for both beginners and intermediate players alike.

You can get this eBook here.

6) World of Warcraft Domination

The final and the cheapest (but not the worst) eBook in this summary. Priced at $19.95 it offers some great tips for people on a budget. Again like the rest of the eBooks it has some great tips and is well laid out.

Get it here.

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