Valkor's Gold Making Guide

iCal IconTheres one word the explains this eBook and its WOW. Apart from being a guide that is fantastic to read it has so many tips that are so useful for creating a lot of gold in game.

Valkor's Gold Making Guide

For example this ebook has so many tips.

  • This guide is extremely-well organized with pictures and tons of detailed information.
  • Learn how to effectively buy all of your items cheap and sell high just minutes later.
  • Over 1,700 items, quests, locations, and vendors are linked toValkor's Gold Making Guide thottbot and allakhazam for quick and easy references to get additional information on any topic.
  • Learn how to make TONS of gold with your profession whether it's Gathering, Production, or Secondary. This guide covers it ALL!.
  • I show you exactly where to go to find the hottest selling items with the largest profit margin.
  • Contains dozens of Gold Making Strategies and Tips that you can use at all times, no matter where you are!
  • Everything is revealed to you in this guide! No secrets or strategies are held back.
  • Comprehensive list of items that each class/profession needs to level up or complete a quest. These sell for TONS of Gold!
  • See which items you can purchase for silver and turn around to sell for gold all the time. This will amaze you at what you can make from items you thought were vendor trash.
  • Contains the very BEST gold making spots you never knew about. See which spots can make you over 200 Gold per hour!!
  • Works for Horde and Alliance. Also works for any Race and Class.
  • Learn how to make money while not even playing.
  • Whether it's the Auction House or general trading, I will show you how to dominate the market.
  • I'll show you the best spots to get the hardest cards to obtain for the different decks. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much money you will make.
  • I'll show you which items are always popular no matter how flooded the market is...Don't get stuck with an expensive item that no one wants.
  • Find out which items are most popular on your server.
  • Learn easy tips to get your auction items purchased in less than 15 minutes.
  • I'll show you all of the mods that I use to make gold fast!
  • Hands down...the best places to farm for the hard to find designs, recipes, formulas, and other rare items. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get the most popular items that aren't sold by vendors.
  • Contains a Low Level Gold Making Strategies section dedicated to players that are level 30 or less.
  • See which reputation items you can make a ton of cash on and where to get them.
  • This guide is LOADED with Burning Crusade tips that will show you exactly how to make TONS of Gold!
  • Learn the secrets to getting all the Motes and Primals you could ever want.
Clearly this guide is the one for anyone in need for some cash for that epic mount that they have been looking at. Priced at $37 this i s great steal. You can find the product page here.

Edit: You can find an update to this guide here.

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