World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

iCal IconContinuing on with the theme of World of Warcraft eBooks, I have reviewed a general eBook that focuses on both sides of the world of Warcraft Universe, with a special focus on gold.

World of Warcraft Ultimate Gold Guide

This guide is slightly difference to the previous guide as it offers more of an insight to power leveling for both the Horde and Alliance. For example it has a level 60 - 70 Alliance and Horde questing guide. As well as more features including :

  • Free Updates - understands that WoW is always evolving with every content patch, which is why we offer free updates to all our members.
  • Class Guide: Huge 2.0.10 Talent builds for the best PVP, PVE, or balanced build.Ultimate World of Warcraft Gold Guide
  • Class Loot List - How to find the best gear for your class and build, a loot list for every type of build.
  • v2.0 Macro Guide - Create useful macro for every class, updated for the latest patch!
  • LeveL 40 Gold Guide - Learn the fastest way possible to earn enough gold for your first mount solo.
  • Level 70 Gold Guide - Earn up to 150g/hour
  • Level 70 Key Attunement Guide - Complete instructions to access all level 70 dungeons and raid encounters.
  • Ultimate Gold Guide - Best strategies to maximise your gold per hour earning.
  • Complete Working Exploit List: Exploits by using in-game bugs will not get your account banned but using third party programs will.
Although I don't 100% approve of exploits they are useful to do every now and then to gain an advantage of the enemy.

If you want to view the product page of this eBook you can find it here. Priced at $37 its not a bad offer.

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