World of Warcraft Domination

iCal IconDo you want to dominate in World of Warcraft. I thought you might, then this eBook is for you. Entitled Warcraft Domination, its offers all the tips for World of Warcraft.
Priced at $19.95 it offers plenty for its money. For example:

  • Four simple changes you can make in under 3 minutes to speed up your game play.
  • How to get twice as much XP and cut your play time in half.
  • How to avoid choosing the wrong weapon for your class.Warcraft Domination
  • How to choose the right quests for fast leveling.
  • Which Classes are best for Power Leveling.
  • The most underestimated profession, this one may well surprise you.
  • How to maximise your Auction profits and make sure you're items out sell others.
  • The best spot in the game for low level Farming.
  • A simple and underused technique for turning some basic raw materials from the Auction House in to 2-300% profits in just a few minutes work.
  • The absolute best spots for grinding through those level at light speed so you can stun your friends with your power leveling prowess!
This guide is a must. I've looked over it and found it so useful. This is one of the best for World of Warcraft guides. You can buy it here.

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